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Are you ready to go back to the office ... in person?  Whether you need a refresher or a total professional renovation, we offer group and one-on-one trainings in the essential skills of business.  Topics covered include areas such as effective networking, professionalism at the office, job interviewing techniques, and business meal etiquette. 

Manners are like primary colors; there are certain rules and once you have these you merely mix, i.e., adapt, them to meet changing situations.
                                            - Emily Post

Virtual Team Meeting

Do you ever wonder ...

  • How to choose the right camera angle?

  • Why good lighting is so important and how to light yourself like a pro?

  • What to wear?

  • Where to look when you're speaking?  Or listening?

  • Why so many people don't know how to use the mute button and how you can avoid being that person?

  • When you should be on -- and off -- camera?

  • How to handle distractions like animals, children, and life?

  • How to ensure a strong connection so your image doesn't freeze up?

  • How you're supposed to conduct or participate in virtual meetings?  Are they like in-person meetings? 

Outclass the Competition® – Business Etiquette
Virtual Team Meeting
  • Pre-and post-event plans for networking

  • Making an entrance

  • The handshake

  • Introductions and nametags

  • Forms of address

  • Business card protocol

  • Conversation

  • Your elevator speech

  • Eating and drinking at events

  • Electronic communications

  • Social media

Dine Like a Diplomat
Virtual Team Meeting

Wonder no more.  Never again be nervous about which fork to use.  Dine Like a Diplomat will set you up to not worry about what's going on ON the table, so you can focus on conversation and business taking place AT the table.  

We will cover:

  • Pre-meal arrangements

  • Invitations

  • Host and guest duties

  • Arrival and seating

  • Conversation

  • Napkin etiquette

  • Toasting

  • Navigating the place setting

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Challenging foods

  • Concluding the meal

  • Departure and follow-up

Business Protocol for Professionals
Virtual Team Meeting
  • Precedence

  • Seating for meetings, dining, travel

  • Forms of address

  • Flag etiquette

  • Gifts

  • Your duties as business event host or guest

  • The importance of being on time

Confident Leadership -
One-on-One Coaching
Public Speaker

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

  • Am I making the most of my professional appearance?  Are there ways I can improve?

  • What's the difference between business attire and business casual attire?  What about accessories?

  • How do I set a leadership example?

  • What is workplace "Incivility Creep" and how can I effectively combat it in my workplace?

  • How can I be more a more comfortable and effective speaker?

  • What is the best way to provide constructive critique?  

  • I know I need to delegate, but how?

  • How do I manage my meetings calendar?  And the meetings in that calendar?  

  • When do I email?  Or text?  Or call?  

  • How do I maintain my good reputation on social media?

Job Interviewing Techniques and Practice
Virtual Team Meeting

We have all been there -- the job interview.  Together we can work on the following key areas to help you be ready to shine at your next potential employment meeting:

  • Pre-interview research and planning

  • Translating experience into marketable skills a prospective employer will find valuable

  • Appropriate interview attire

  • Mock interviews with critique

  • Follow-up and thank you notes

  • Your online presence

The Power of Professional Presence
Virtual Team Meeting

How you look and present yourself is your personal calling card.  Let's make sure you never doubt the answer to any of these questions:

  • How do I make a good first impression?

  • What is the definition of being well dressed?

  • How do I figure out dress code guidelines?

  • What messages do different colors send in business attire?

  • What about make-up and fragrances?

  • How can I accessorize without being "too much"?

  • Do accoutrements like classic writing instruments, briefcases, and portfolios make a difference?  

  • What items should be in my wardrobe and how do I ensure a proper fit?

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