We offer interactive, small group trainings in the soft skills of business to help individuals gain the confidence to be successful.  Areas of focus include effective networking, professionalism at the office, job interviewing techniques, and business meal etiquette.  All trainings are flexible and customizable. 

Manners are like primary colors; there are certain rules and once you have these you merely mix, i.e., adapt, them to meet changing situations.
                                            - Emily Post

  • Pre-and post-event plans for networking

  • Making an entrance

  • The handshake

  • Introductions and nametags

  • Forms of address

  • Business card protocol

  • Conversation

  • Your elevator speech

  • Eating and drinking at events

  • Electronic communications

  • Social media

Outclass the Competition® – Business Etiquette
  • Pre-meal arrangements

  • Invitations

  • Host and guest duties

  • Arrival and seating

  • Conversation

  • Napkin etiquette

  • Toasting

  • Navigating the place setting

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Challenging foods

  • Concluding the meal

  • Departure and follow-up

Dine Like a Diplomat
  • Precedence

  • Seating for meetings, dining, travel

  • Forms of address

  • Flag etiquette

  • Gifts

  • Your duties as business event host or guest

  • The importance of being on time

Business Protocol for Professionals
  • Pre-interview research and planning

  • Translating experience into marketable skills

  • Interview attire

  • Mock interviews with critique

  • Follow-up and thank you notes

  • Your online presence

Job Interviewing Techniques and Practice
  • First impressions

  • The definition of being well dressed

  • Defining dress code guidelines

  • Understanding color in business attire

  • Makeup and fragrances

  • Time pieces and other accessories

  • Writing instruments, briefcases, and portfolios

  • Wardrobe and proper fit

The Power of Professional Presence