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Though some of us are transitioning back to in-person business, much of our communication will likely remain virtual.  We believe that even when we are past the pandemic, there will be a large virtual meeting presence that stays with us.  Now is the time to hone your skills, polish any rough edges, and make yourself "camera ready" to shine in our next virtual session.  Bonus - we'll show you how to do this without breaking the bank.  Sure, you can invest in all sorts of lighting and camera equipment, but if your budget doesn't allow that, we'll show you how you can achieve a professional look using the equipment you already have.    

Do you ever wonder ...

  • How to choose the right camera angle?

  • Why good lighting is so important and how to light yourself like a pro?

  • What to wear?

  • Where to look when you're speaking?  Or listening?

  • Why so many people don't know how to use the mute button and how you can avoid being that person?

  • When you should be on -- and off -- camera?

  • How to handle distractions like animals, children, and life?

  • How to ensure a strong connection so your image doesn't freeze up?

  • How you're supposed to conduct or participate in virtual meetings?  Are they like in-person meetings? 

As with all of our courses this one is interactive and customizable to meet client needs and training goals.

Meeting Room
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