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Outclass the Competition® – Business Etiquette

Outclass the Competition – Business Etiquette provides practical skills and tips to help you be confident and successful in networking and other business interactions.  A popular course, this training can provide benefit to any company or organization wishing to strengthen the confidence and effectiveness of the members of their team, individually and collectively.  Colleges and universities will also be interested in offering this training to their soon-to-be graduates as they make their way into the workforce.  

Topics include:

  • Pre-and post-event plans for networking

  • Making an entrance

  • The handshake

  • Introductions and nametags

  • Forms of address

  • Business card protocol

  • Conversation

  • Your elevator speech

  • Eating and drinking at events

  • Electronic communications

  • Social media

As with all of our courses this one is interactive and customizable to meet client needs and training goals.

Profesional business networking
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