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The Value of a Sick Day

I attended a lecture on infectious diseases recently. No, I don't work in healthcare and yes, I did know what the topic was before I got there. I learned a lot about the disease process which made me think seriously about the value of a sick day.

Apparently there are two types of cholera. Who knew? There is the kind we all know about that you get by drinking contaminated water. That's the kind that kills a lot of people. But there's another, less potent type that you contract by being around other people who have it. You might not die, but you still get really, really sick.

Now, I know I'm not likely to get cholera in Richmond, Virginia, but I can easily get a cold, the flu, or a less-than-cholera stomach bug that will produce some nasty symptoms. And I don't want any of those.

These days so many people think they need to "power through" being sick and go to work. That they'll be viewed as a slacker if they stay home.

Not me. I challenge you to be a champion. A champion of health. A valuer of the sick day.

So the next time you wake up with a sore throat or the sniffles, do your workmates a favor and take that sick day.



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