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Make the Most of National Etiquette Week

Happy National Etiquette Week!

Beginning on the Monday of the second full week in May, we celebrate National Etiquette Week. This year is a bit different – actually more than a bit – but it can still be a time to look inward, take stock of our etiquette skills, and see where we can add some polish.

Here’s an idea for every day this week.

On Monday, say hello to everyone you pass on the street. They won’t see your smile behind your mask, but you can smile with your eyes. Make eye contact long enough to note the color of their eyes. This way you maintain your look long enough to be sincere, but not so long as to be creepy.

On Tuesday, write a letter. Or two. Or three. With a pen. On paper. Emails don’t count for this. Reconnect with an old friend out of town. Or a new friend across town. Select nice stationery and pay attention to your penmanship.

On Wednesday, be on time. You should actually do this all the time. This not only tells the other person that you respect their time, but that you are professional and responsible and can manage your calendar.

On Thursday, practice your dining etiquette. Most of us are eating home at home, at least for now, and it’s the perfect time to set up that multi-course place setting and get comfortable with it.

On Friday, look for ways to express gratitude. Please and thank you really are magic words. Work them in to your vocabulary.

On Saturday, expand your knowledge with a business book. Read or re-read a favorite and take notes on ideas to implement.

And on Sunday, plot our your next week’s business attire to ensure your appearance supports your professional words and actions.

Look for ways to keep this going into the following week, and the following, and the following, adding a touch here and there. Before you know it, you will have gained more skills, polished up existing skills, and have more confidence to be more successful. Have fun!



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