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"Incivility Creep"

Today’s work environment is increasingly busier and more stressful. Many of us are starting to venture back in to the workplace after working from home for months. Being away from the structured work environment can make it easy to unintentionally neglect acts of civility. I call it "incivility creep." Any of these items on their own can be annoying, but combined can quickly add up to an unproductive environment.

Think of it like this.

Here's the mood where everyone is doing their part to be respectful.

Here's the mood where a few items of "incivility creep" start creeping in.

And here's the mood when "incivility creep" isn't creeping, but has taken over. Are we getting anything done in this environment?

So, watch yourself and if you find you're doing any of these -- STOP. And remember, it doesn't take a lot of these to have a negative effect.

Watch out for:

- Not being prepared

- Not being on time, not starting meetings on time

- Not sending meeting agendas in advance

- Not keeping your phone silent and out of sight during conversations

- Not returning phone calls/emails

- Not using your “inside” voice

- Having conversations near workstations that can be distracting to colleagues

- Participating in gossip

- Being judgmental and not open to others’ opinions

- Displaying disrespectful facial expressions

- “Forgetting” to cc someone who needs to be in the loop

- Not sharing credit for success or taking blame for mistakes

- Interrupting

- Not greeting people by name

- Not making or maintain eye contact

- Not taking pride in your appearance

- Being unapproachable

- Reacting negatively under pressure

Will be always be perfect? Of course not, but we can do our best to try to take the lead in setting a good example for others to follow. And who among us doesn't want to be seen as a respected leader?



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